The hostel has 14 single mixed bunk beds with 2 complete bathrooms (WC + washbasin + shower) and 1 toilet (WC + washbasin). Each bunk has its own locker and key in which there is a blanket for cooler nights. However, hot/cold air conditioning is available. Bunk beds 5 to 8 form a separate room with a sliding door if a group of up to 4 persons maximum would like to occupy them for more privacy. All lower bunks have a removable metal bar with an extendable fabric curtain for privacy. Each bunk has access to an electrical outlet, a USB port for recharging cell phones or other devices, as well as an individual flexible lamp. The upper bunks also have a wooden shelf for your personal belongings.

Living room

In the common area, exclusively for hostellers, there are sets of sheets, tables and chairs, sofa, TV, mini fridge, microwave, cutlery, crockery, sink and board games.

Entry and exit areas

The mandatory check-in will be done through the cafeteria of the hostel. Once in the bunk area, you can also enter or leave through the back door that has a numeric keypad to enter the opening password that we will provide you when you have registered. However, you can also enter and leave through the cafeteria as long as it is not closed.

Full bathrooms and toilet

Guests have exclusive access to 2 full bathrooms (WC + washbasin + shower) and 1 toilet (WC + washbasin). The 2 toilets of the cafeteria are also available while it is open.


The hostel cafeteria has a large and pleasant outdoor terrace with umbrellas where you can have a drink. We serve coffees and drinks. There is also a menu of pizzas and paninis in case you get hungry.


Inside the cafeteria we will also serve you and, in addition, while it is open, pilgrims can also use any of the 2 toilets available, if the 3 toilets reserved exclusively for hostellers are occupied.